Turbomaxglass TMG

Description: Rigid bag filter high glass Microfiber filtering surface Recyclable polystyrene frame Glass microfibre filter media Advantages: Filter surface 28 sqm Reduction of maintenance intervals High dust holding capacity Pocket with large filtering surface and very low pressure drop

Duraglass DG

Description: High efficiency Long service life Low pressure drop Dust holding capacity Applications: Ventilation and air conditioning in electronic, pharmaceutical Atmosphere control in hospital, laboratoires, clean room Filtration plants in gas turbine

Turbomax TM

Description: Polypropylene rigid bags filters Extra Large recyclable polystyrene frame 100% totally waterproof polypropylene polyurethane gasket Avantages: Filter suface 28 mq 100% waterproof Low pressure drop Long service life High dust hold capacity Filter bag with large surface and very lowest pressure drop  

Turbohigh TRH

Description: Rigid bag filter with 100% synthetic media polystyrene frame 100% synthetic media, water repellant Avantage: wide filter surface 19 mq high dust holding capacity low pressure drop high performance fleece long service life Washable filter reusable several times  

Turboglass TRG

Description: The filter consists in a  in recyclable polystyrene frame The filter is in microfiber glass without cellulose humidity resistant Advantages: Long service life Light and robust Large filter surface Microglass fiber without cellulose Applications: Used in main air conditioning Prefiltration and main filtration in plants with high flow rate Air purifications of smoke, pollens Filtration
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Description: Polypropylene compact filter with header                                                                                                  
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Varipol VP

Description: Polypropylene compact filter: Polypropylene frame Filter media 100% polypropylene, antimicrobic, oleophobic Advantages: Long service life Low pressure drop Initial high efficiency Washable filter and reusable several times Available in cut to size filter panels Applications: Used in main air conditioning Prefiltration to absolute filter Final filtration

Glassbag GB

Description: Large filter surface High dust holding capacity Applications: Particulate and aerosol filtration in ventilantig and air conditioning Prefiltration for absolute filters

Micropur MP

Description: Filter bags made of a bent sheet metal frame or a plastic frame completely incinerate pockets are made of high efficiency synthetic media. Adantages: Low pressure drop High dust holding capacity In addition to the standard sizes are available in variants of any size Applications: Prefilter or final filter in civil or industrial plants
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Polymedia M15/400

Description: The high efficiency filter media consisting of synthetic self-extinguishing compounds microfibre progresive structure of various diameters and lengths, linked with appropriate resins The media are self-extinguishing flame-class F1 Advantages: Thermal bonded polyester fibre Treated with special adhesive to prevent dust loss due to vibration Enhances laminar air flow Applications: Sray booths. Prefiltration of coarse
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