Carbocartridge CRG

Description: Filter cartridge made of a sturdy powder-coated steel sheet used to contain the activated carbon. Applications: Air or other gases purification from organic contaminants in medium low concentrations.

Turbocarbo TRCA

Description: Activated carbon rigid pockets filter rigid plastic frame pleated filter media panels consist of a double layer of nonwoven fabric that contains granules of activated carbon Advantages: Range of standard sizes High efficiency Large air flow rate Applications: Removal of kichen smells, shopping center museums airports, hospital and laboratories

Carboncell CC

Description: Activated carbon filter cell. frame made of galvanized sheet containing activated carbon that is contained between two perforated plates and painted Advantages: Range of standard and non standard sizes High performance Suitable for a wide range of air volumes Applications: Adsorption of smells and gaseous substances in air treatment and conditioning plants

Carbomedia CM

Description: Filter media polyester fibers impregnated with powdered activated carbon Advantages: it can easily solve domestic deodoration problems and even some industrial application Also available in cut to size filter panels and rolls Applications: Absorption of smells and gaseous substances Air purification in domestic environments.

Carboact CC

Description: The activated carbon material, mainly containing carbon in the form of microcrystals of graphite treated in order to obtain a porous structure with a large internal surface area. Thanks to these characteristics they have high absorption capacity being able to absorb many types of substances, attracting the molecules in their inner surface. Applications: Air
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