The MGT uses, in some types of filters, a new filter media in polypropylene.

The absolute news is that the filters are 100% water repellent, so they are washable and reusable.

The experience that our clients have been able to tell us, gained in the field, allows us to affirm

That with a simple wash the filter can be reused several times.

Washing can be done either by using a low pressure cleaner,

that by immersion with a degreasing product (available at our premises).





The MGT has always been attentive to the live costs that the customers undergowhen they go to change the filters.

The filter sets used, instead of being changed after their use, can be washed and reused several times.

So by doing the maintenance costs, higher and lower

drastically to the benefit of the customer’s internal economy.




                      The MGT respects nature and has always been sensitive to the problem of ecology

and as a result of the filter disposal after use.

We know that costs and problems related to disposal are becoming more and morecostly and complicated.

We think that with the introduction of washable filters and their reuse are reduced

the costs and problems related to the elimination of the exhausted filter.